Website Pricing Guide: How Much Should a Website Cost in 2020?

Website pricing and costs guide
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by Justin Smith, CEO - Dec. 20, 2020

Website pricing and website costs

Depending on your needs a website can cost anywhere between $100 to $500,000+. Pricing variables that come into play include complexity of design, programming needs, custom functionality, data imports, data integrations and more. The best way to get an accurate cost for your website project is to talk with a web design expert in detail.

So, When building a new website, how do you know what to budget? It's difficult to determine website pricing as many variables come into play, but we'll outline what to expect and the differences in pricing levels. Understand what a website costs will allow you to select the best website services provider that matches your budget and goals.

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What Affects Website Project Costs & The Overall Price

It probably goes without saying, but the type of website you're looking to develop with ultimately affect pricing. A basic website for a restaurant with around 10 content pages is a simple project, while an eCommerce website processing millions in transactions with 50,000 items is a whole different story. To learn more about eCommerce website pricing project, read pricing your eCommerce website.

Many factors can go into what makes a website complicated and are listed below.

Items That Determine Website Cost:

  • How do you want your website to look?
  • How many pages do you need?
  • What platform will your website be on? (Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Onveos, etc.)
  • Who will put your content into the website (You agency or will you?)
  • Do you need advanced CMS capabilities?
  • Will you website integrate with other softwares?
  • Do you need to process payments online? (eCommerce)
  • Do you have custom functionality that's needed?
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Typical Website Expenses Broken Down:

The website pricing below is based on working with an agency located in the United States. This does not include overseas prices, outsourced pricing or working with freelancers. There are always options for lower costs, but risk that also are associated with those lower price points.

Item Basic Advanced Enterprise
Domain Name $8.99/yr $8.99/yr $8.99/yr
SSL $99/yr $199/yr $599/yr
Hosting $15/mon. $300/mon. $1000/mon.
Email Free with hosting $5-$25/user (G Suite) $5-$25/user (G Suite)
Graphic Design $1,000 $7,500 $30,000+
Front End Development $1,500 $10,000 $50,000+
Back End Development $500 $15,000 $50,000+
CMS Integration $500 $5,000 $25,000
3rd Party Integrations $500 $5,000 $25,000+
eCommerce $2,000 $7,500 $50,000+
Total: Approx: $7,500 Approx: $40,000 Approx: $200,000

Cheaper Website Alternatives

If the website prices above scare you, there are alternatives to developing a website without an agency. These days there are many plug-and-play options as well as websites that offer freelance services. At the end of the day you may have as much expertise on your side, but it should allow you to get a viable website online. If you're a start-up business, that may be all you're looking for to get started. As your business grows and you have the need (and cash flow) to develop a more professional or robust website, you can work with a web design company and invest into a redesign.

Website Pricing Wix


If you need to build a website yourself on a small budget, Wix can be a good option. The downsides of built-it-yourself platforms are typically scalability and the ability to add custom functionality. Also, another major downside to Wix is the ability to perform advanced search engine optimization techniques and on-site SEO. While some SEO capabilities are built it, those are limited.

Website Costs Shopify


Shopify is a great platform to build a fairly basic eCommerce website with yourself. While it will take some knowledge, a template can be installed and picked from their "themes". Shopify comes in multiple versions, but the basic version should be plenty to get going and will allow you to get an eCommerce website off the ground.

Website Pricing & Costs for Squarespace


Another basic platform, Squarespace can work well for basic content websites, although a platform like Wordpress is much better in many ways (but takes more technical knowledge). We would not recommend using Squarespace for another eCommerce capabilities as they are very basic and not search engine friendly.

Freelance Web Design Pricing

Freelancer Services

Third-party freelance websites will connect you with freelancers who have web design skills. Often, if you're looking for inexpensive services these freelancers will be overseas. While this can sometimes work, it does come with a lot of challenges in dealing with developers who second language is English. The time zone difference is also a challenge. Websites such a 99designs and Upwork as good ones to look into.

Website Maintenance Costs Post-Launch

A website requires maintenance from time to time, whether you're looking to make updates, need new functionality or simply need something fixed. It's important to consider when budgeting for your website what these website maintenance costs may be. Outside of new features and adding additional functionality, which can of course add more ongoing costs, your main costs will include hosting and minor website tweaks. Hosting, as outlined above, typically ranges from $15-$1000 per month, depending on how large your website is. For a basic website we'd recommend setting aside $100 a month for minor changes that may need done, while a larger companies should budget between $2500-$10,000.

Website Marketing Costs

Without proper marketing your website will not be visible to potential customers. The goal of most website to to help your business grow by driving new customers, leads and sales to the website on a daily basis. Marketing costs will depend on the services you choose and are outlined below:

Item Cost
Paid Search Management $250-10% of spend
Paid Search Spend $500-$500,000+/mon.
Search Engine Optimization $1,000-$25,000+/mon.
Social Media Management $500-$5,000/mon.
Paid Social Spend $250-$100,000+/mon.
Display Advertising $250-$100,000+/mon.
Email Marketing $500-$5,000+/mon.
Affiliate Campaign $500-$5,000+/mon.

As you see above, the amount spent on a campaign can vary widely. Large corporations may spend $100,000 a month on paid search, while smaller businesses often spend only a few thousand per month. Determine your goals and how many leads or new customers you need a month to work backwards towards a budget. Marketing spend is all about an ROI and getting more out than you put in.

Organic SEO Pricing

Developing a strong organic SEO campaign is important to the long-term success of any website, eliminating the need to pay for every visitor that comes to your website. We recommend reading our SEO pricing article to learn more. The typical client spends between $5,000-$10,000 a month, while on the low end clients may spend $2,000 and on the high end over $25,000 per month. SEO pricing across companies vary widely as many companies outsource SEO work to other countries and offer low rates. Be weary of low SEO costs as the work done on your website can potentially be more damaging than it is beneficial.

Paid Search / AdWords Management

The time it takes for an agency or an individual to manage an Ads campaign often comes down to how much you're spending on that campaign monthly. The more you're spending the more time and attention should be focused on the account. Often paid search agencies have a base management fee and then charge a percentage of spend if that number is greater. At OuterBox, for PPC management, we charge $1,500 a month for our base fee and between 5-10% of spend, depending on the monthly spend.

How We Determine Website Pricing

To learn more about your project and what costs would be associated with it, contact us for a free estimate. We'll schedule a call to review your project in detail and present proposals for not only your website, but for digital marketing campaigns as well. At OuterBox all work is done in-house, in the USA. We are website design and search engine marketing experts with over 15 years of experience. Call us at 1-866-647-9218 or click the button below to fill out an online form. We look forward to discussing your project.


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