A Website Hosting Guide - How To Choose

In order for someone else to access your website, the files that make up your website must be on a computer which everyone can access. This is what your website host, often called your website hosting company, does. They set up a computer which hold all of your website files on it. When someone accesses your site, the files read from that computer which is maintain by the hosting company.

Choosing the right hosting company is very important. If your hosts computer is down, your website is down. We recommend using Crystal Tech for all of your hosting needs and are a valued reseller for their company. We have experienced first hand, great service and support and can get you set up with one of their hosting plans. If you already have a host, don't worry, we can work with any hosting company. If you plan to run databases or an online store you may need your host to provide you with specific options and configurations. Give us a call or email and we'll help you find the right host for your situation.

Setting Up Your Web Host

Along with your website development OuterBox will set up and configure your hosting plan to match the needs of your site. The type of host you need varies based on the type of site being developed. We'll be sure to get you the right plan to meet your needs.