Planning Your New Website: Complete Guide for eCommerce Websites or Lead Generation Web Projects

Author Justin Smith
by Justin Smith, CEO
Updated Dec. 12, 2018

As your begin to think about developing a new eCommerce website there are certain aspects you need to take into consideration. Whether these taks are for your web design company or yourself, both are equally important. Below is a brief outline that'll help you keep your project in perspective and ensure a quality website.

Your Website Development Company

Perhaps the most important decision is who will develop your website. Be sure that the company you choose is experienced in developing the type of website you're looking for and that they have a quality team of professional behind their product. For more information on how to make the decision read "Choosing a Web Design Company". It's very important if you're building an eCommerce website that the agency you hire has a vast amount of experience working in the eCommerce industry. Building an eCommerce website is a much different process than a traditional informational website.

How You Can Plan

The most common delay for a website development project is the client not being to provide content in a timely manner. Be sure you have the following information ready for your developer:

  • Logo - If you already have a logo and would like to maintain your branding, be ready to provide your logo to your designers. Preferably your logo should be in a high resolution format such as .ai, .eps, or .psd.

  • Content - This is the big one! Remember, you know your business better than the development company, and unless you've also hired them to write content, you'll need to put together text for your about us page, policies and any other content you would like on your site.

  • Example Websites - Examples of websites that you like (for one reason or another) are always helpful. This will allow your designers and programmers to look at various elements of the website and figure out what blows you away. In the end your site should be unique, but it helps to know what you're a fan of.

  • Managing Content - Be sure to tell your developer what content you would like to have access to and be able to manage yourself. Many times (if developed correctly) you will already have access to manage many areas, but it's a positive to be on the same page and have a conversation about it.

  • Product Database (eCommerce only) - If you're developing an eCommerce website be sure you have a database of your products with all data that is needed. If not, either you or your web design company will be responsible for entering your product information in by hand. Be sure to determine who will be completing this task. Remember, ALL eCommerce websites should have an administration that allows the client to easily enter products without knowing HTML or having a knowledge of developing websites.

  • Account Credentials - You'll be asked to provide login for your DNS, hosting account, payment gateway provider and more, so be sure to consider where these logins may be. If you're planning to launch the website and cannot find this information, your project will get delayed.

  • Make Suggestions - Be ready to make suggestions and give input. You know what you want! At the same time, you're hiring a professional, so allow them to give their professional input as well.

It's a Team Effort (and you're part of the team!)

Developing your website takes a team and you're included in that team! Be ready to provide, comment and give your web designers what they need. Believe us when we say, it'll make the whole project a much smoother process and will enable your developers to complete your project within the timeline they have provided.

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