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If you have a current website but are unsure of how the website is set up to perform for SEO, it may make sense to have an SEO audit completed. An audit can give you insight into the challenges you’re facing, why you may not be achieving your SEO goals and also realize the strategies your competitors are using to be successful. We can also help you determine whether a website redesign or rebuild may be necessary to implement a successful ongoing SEO campaign. If you're an online retailer, our team has extensive eCommerce expertise and can deliver one of the most detailed and comprehensive eCommerce SEO audits available. The audit will help you be more prepared and eliminate unknowns when heading into a full comprehensive SEO campaign.

The SEO audit OuterBox provided us give us a deep insight into the challenges and problems that our website faced. The document provided was very well formatted, easy to read and the team has been wonderful to work with!
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Our SEO audit process begins with our team analyzing your website content, code, structure and more to determine the strengths and weaknesses. We'll also review your competitors to see what they are doing well and reverse engineer their strategies. Our SEO audit final report will include all findings along with recommendations and how to find the problems. Issues we may find may include similar tag tags, duplicate content, HTML / code problems, load speeds and more. Determining which are most important and which items will help you rank better is an essential part of our plan. Our SEO audit process typical takes between 4-6 weeks. Throughout the process you will work with various team members at OuterBox, have calls and we'll truly get to know your business. We hope the SEO audit is the first step in a long-term business relationship.

eCommerce Website SEO Audit Services Include:

Ecommerce SEO Audit
  • Keyword research
  • eCommerce competitor review
  • Site structure analysis
  • HTTP / HTTPS suggestions
  • SEO Content strategy review
  • Google Analytics review
  • Site speed analysis
  • URL structure suggestions
  • 301 redirect review
  • Canonical configuration analysis
  • Tag reviews (H1, Title, Alt, etc.)
  • & much more