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In addition to being one of the top Google Adwords management companies (now Google Ads), OuterBox offers professional Google Shopping Management services, including Google Shopping feed management, bid management, bid strategy refinement, and campaign optimization. Rest easy knowing your Google Shopping campaigns are in the hands of professional eCommerce marketing experts. OuterBox Google Shopping Campaigns are proven to sell more product with less spend, stretching your advertising budget in the perpetual quest for maximum ROI.

With over 15 years of award-winning marketing under our belt, OuterBox has the skills and experience necessary to optimize your Google Shopping campaign to maximize your ROI.

When we came to OuterBox we knew we wanted to get a Google AdWords campaign running, but we were not sure how to do it effectively. OuterBox helped us set up the campaign, build highly converting landing pages and they manage our keywords and bids constantly. We get hundreds of leads a month and couldn't be happier with their service!
Google Shopping Management the OuterBox Way

Our discovery process begins with a full audit of your existing Google Shopping campaign(s), including product feed and bidding strategies. From there, we evaluate your campaign’s historical KPI while establishing performance benchmarks to improve upon in the future.

While many Google Shopping agencies may offer turnkey or packaged solutions, OuterBox never will. Our ability to develop a custom approach based on your individual goals and conversion points is what sets us far apart from our competition.

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Learn More About Google Shopping

Initially launched in 2002, under the name Froogle, Google's product search engine invented by Craig Nevill-Manning, who is still an Engineering Director for Google today. Google Shopping has changed names several times since being launched under the name Froogle in 2002, including Google Products and Google Product Search.

The service is essentially a pay-to-play product search engine. Users can search for products from a variety of vendors all at once, comparison shopping to find the best deal. These vendors submit their product feed to Google. From there, a Google algorithm determines which stores to display for which search queries. It bases the decision on the stores' product feed, websites, prices, and bids.

By properly optimizing your Google Shopping campaign, you can improve its performance drastically to get more "bang for your buck." While some companies decide to do this internally, businesses that want to thrive on Google shopping should consider hiring a professional shopping management agency with the requisite skills and experience.

Google Shopping Campaign Management FAQs

Your Questions. Our Answers.

"How much should I be charged for Google Shopping management?"

For the most part, only you can decide what your budget in Google Shopping should be. Typically, management fees include a flat monthly fee plus a small percentage of your spend, which allows us to allocate the necessary time to ensure a positive ROI for your campaigns.

"How much does it cost to get on Google Shopping?"

Since you can choose from costs-per-click as low as $.01 and Google Shopping has no minimum budget, the platform offers much flexibility. You can set a daily budget of $1 or $100,000 - it all depends on your budget and the ROI delivered by your campaign.

"Do Google Shopping Ads work?"

Indisputably, yes. Google Shopping is a fantastic way to buy relevant and qualified traffic for your online store.

The secret to making Google Shopping "work" better is ensuring once that traffic arrives, you can handle the rest and convert that traffic into paying, repeat customers.

This is why things like developing unique landing pages that cater to your adds and CRO are so crucial to the success of the campaign. Google's sophisticated Shopping network usually sends highly-qualified traffic to your site, traffic that has already shown an interest in your products and may meet other demographic criteria.

"Is Google Shopping free?"

Using the service itself, you only need to pay for the ads that you purchase. If you wish to have your Google Shopping campaign(s) managed by a professional digital marketing agency, you will need to pay the agency for those services in addition to your ad budget. The rationale is that the improved campaign performance can easily justify the cost of professional management.

"How does Google Shopping work?"

Google Shopping is a product search engine powered by Google's AdWords and Merchant Center. Companies can supply a product feed to Google, but ultimately Google determines which search queries to display your ads based on your feed, your site, and your bids.

"How do you setup a Google Shopping campaign?"

There are tons of online resources to help you setup and optimize your own Google Shopping campaign. Check out Google's official documentation on creating a Google Shopping Campaign. If you're looking for an agency to help you optimize or setup your Google Shopping campaign, contact us today.


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We're an expert Google Shopping management agency that offers the following services:

  • Google feed creation

  • Multichannel feed management/optimization

  • Google Merchant Center creation and updates

  • Rule-creation for feed management

  • Ensuring products are approved by Google/Microsoft Ads

  • Customer review feed creation

  • Dynamic remarketing asset management

  • Bid management

  • Negative keyword mining

  • Promotion extension management

  • Title/Description optimization