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A strong presence on is virtually required these days if you expect to put your products in front of the right audience. This is especially true if you need a large audience. It's no secret that Amazon dominates the majority of eCommerce sales online, with some estimating that Amazon controls over 50% or more of the eCommerce market share.

eCommerce retailers tend to respond to what we call the Amazon paradox with a "fight or flight" type of reaction. Most instinctively try to either ignore the Amazonian elephant in the room (flight) or think that if they try hard enough (fight), that they will somehow persevere, and that they won't continue to lose customers to Amazon.

Both the "fight" and "flight" reactions are usually wrong in this instance. Instead of ignoring Amazon or searching for ways to compete against, why not find a way to leverage it? Why not run your eCommerce website in addition to selling your products on Amazon? More times than not, this is the appropriate course of action for eCommerce companies.This is especially true if you are selling products that are already available on Amazon.

Since 2004, OuterBox has been a leading provider of eCommerce website design, web development, and digital marketing services. We have been at the forefront of eCommerce SEO for nearly two decades, and we know how to apply this knowledge to Amazon's proprietary search algorithms.

We've helped companies increase traffic by over 500% in less than 6 months and grow sales by millions.

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We eat, breathe and sleep eCommerce. Our unique understanding of eCommerce, CRO, remarketing, and other vital eCommerce initiatives sets us apart from the competition.

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Amazon may or may not be the right platform to sell your product(s). Contact us today and we will consult with your team to determine if Amazon is a good fit for your product offering.

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About Amazon SEO Services

Amazon is essentially a huge search engine for products. In other words, it operates very similarly to search engines like Google, relying on a proprietary algorithm to provide search results for a given search query.

To improve your ability to rank on Amazon when someone searches for your product(s), you need to optimize your products and ensure your accounts are properly configured for maximum exposure. These are some of the most important Amazon SEO services you should be familiar with:

  • Seller Account/Brand Setup
  • Amazon Account Audits
  • BSR (Best Seller Ratings) ranking strategy
  • Competitor Research
  • Amazon Product Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Product Review Strategy
  • Amazon PPC Management Services & Sponsored Listings

Why Trust OuterBox with your Amazon SEO?

There are numerous benefits of partnering with OuterBox for SEO on, including:

  • Better optimized product descriptions that rank and convert better.
  • Increased traffic to your Amazon products by strategic inclusion of the keywords with high volume and conversion-potential.
  • We offer both Amazon SEO and PPC services under one roof, with a full-service digital team also including designers, developers, and programmers.
  • Maximize Amazon's branding capabilities via the Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).
  • Develop a review strategy to incentivize positive product reviews.
  • Many, many more. Talk to us today!

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